Doug Walter Architects has been writing articles since 1983 about almost every subject imaginable relating to design,  remodeling and home building in general.  In addition to articles for Better Homes & Gardens, This Old House and the Rocky Mountain News,  Doug is currently a Contributing Editor for Professional Remodeler magazine.  From 1988 through 1995 he contributed a monthly column, "Drawing Board", to Remodeling magazine.  Here are are few pieces  we think you will enjoy reading:

Doug Walter is thanked daily in our home…He was a pleasure to work with, creative in his solutions, artistic in his designs, and attentive in his ability to translate our vision to the reality of this project. Because any renovation can be stressful, Doug’s sense of humor and his light touch were invaluable. I still chuckle over some of the things he did to make the process more enjoyable.
— Tracy D. -Denver