Bonnie Brae
Pop Top

  • How do you add a second story onto a 1920's bungalow? Very carefully!
  • By setting the second story addition back from the front, and mirroring the original rooflines, the addition doesn't overwhelm the home.
  • The finished project has the appearance of a story and a half home, and fits the block's character better than a full two story plan.
  • Team consisted of Doug Walter Architects and Michael Collins, now with Cadre Construction

It began when the owners decided they wanted to stay in their well-established neighborhood. But, they needed more than 1175 square feet of living space. And they had to cut down the heat loss through the uninsulated walls and leaky doors and windows that made the house uncomfortably drafty and expensive to heat. The remodel provided the family with the best of both worlds—an energy-efficient 2510-square-foot nearly-new home in a neighborhood they had grown to love.

As a volunteer Architect for Habitat for Humanity (Metro Denver) ..Doug’s designs bring the highest level of architectural style and quality to a type of housing that is all too often shrugged off as being “good enough for poor people”… Doug has always insisted, both in his work and in discussions with other Habitat supporters, that affordable housing does not need to look cheap or poorly designed.
— Andy B, Habitat Metro Denver